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Trey Songz

URBPRESS : About beginning of your career..

Trey Songz : I was more so into hip hop than r&b in the beginning of my career. I still listen to a lot of rap today but as far as the beginning of my career goes, I never really took singing seriously it was something I did in my leisure or just to joke around with. I started singing in talent shows and things of the sort and people started to take interest in me but that still was local love to me (which means friends and family gon always say you good). Singing professionally became more of a reality when I met Troy. I sang for him and he told me "whatever it is you got it" from then on I went into Troy Taylor "R&B school" where he'd have me study the vets in the game and work nonstop at what I wanted so I could continuously better myself.

URBPRESS : Is there a singer that inspired u?

Trey Songz : Indirectly there are a lot of singers that inspired me. My producer Troy Taylor would have me listen to cd's with a wide array of songs on em. He wouldn't give me the names but later he'd tell me who they were (the likes of The Isley Brothers, Prince, Marvin Gaye etc.), He'd have me study the songs from the tone, to the passion, to the charisma these legends had. And of course R.Kelly's a major influence.

URBPRESS : Where do you get your inspiration from?

Trey Songz : Inspiration for me comes from everyday life. Whether it be an experience of my own, something I've witnessed, someone I know go through or whatever. Everything is a song for me! We can walk through a day together where you'll see things one way and I'll have a million song concepts.

URBPRESS : What do u feel to say about your producer and mentor Troy Taylor?

Trey Songz : Troy is the reason I'm here. Troy, as well as his wife Adisha, did everything from give me a place to sleep, to feed me. He's my family, he went to lengths he didn't have to for me. I love him like a brother. He's taught me way more than music thats only the tool that brought him into my life but Troy and his families prayers do things for me that I'll never know. Thats my nigga.

URBPRESS : Which artist would you like to work (or re-work) with?

Trey Songz : Jay-Z


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