Realized by Davide Amato

Jedi Mind Tricks

URBPRESS : Let's talk about the beginning of your career.. would u like to change anything about it?

Jedi Mind Tricks : I started rapping after i heard a record called "this cut's got flavor" by LATEE. that was around 87. up until then i was just into being a b-boy. when i heard that record, it changed my life. that's when i knew i wanted to be a rapper. i wouldnt change anything about my early career. it made us who we are today.

URBPRESS : How did u meet?

Jedi Mind Tricks : STOUPE and i met through a mutual friend. the 3 of us were a group, but our homeboy decided to go off to college and study english literature, so that left me and stoupe.

URBPRESS : Where do you get your inspiration from?

Jedi Mind Tricks : That's kind of a broad question. inspiration comes from everywhere: life, books, film, family, love, hate. everything around us influences what we do.

URBPRESS : Since the first album .. What has changed in u?

Jedi Mind Tricks : I'm still the same person. with each record you grow creatively and you grow emotionally. we still do the same shit. drink beer, get high, and make records. that's probably how it'll always be.

URBPRESS : A free message

Jedi Mind Tricks : Peace & Love


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