Realized by Davide Amato

Daz Dillinger

URBPRESS : Let's talk about the beginning of your career... would u like to change anything about it?

Daz Dillinger : Nope I wouldn't change nuthin cuz I wouldn't be who I am 2 day A dogg pound gangsta a legend in this rap game!

URBPRESS : When gangsta rap was becoming popular, Daz Dillinger emerged but ...Where do you get your inspiration from?

Daz Dillinger : I got my inspiration from Dr.Dre. N.W.A. ICE T.. KING T..

URBPRESS : U have co-produced numerous tracks for Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 2PAC. But Is there a track that u prefer?

Daz Dillinger : Hmm...I prefer all eyes on me...

URBPRESS : Which artist would you like to work (or re-work) with?

Daz Dillinger : Who eva god or tha street put me wit its done deal.

URBPRESS : A free message

Daz Dillinger : Be true 2 yo self & good thangs will always happen... & tune in 2 d-p-g-c.com Daz Dillinger


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