Realized by Davide Amato

DJ Poun'

URBPRESS : First off, I'd like to ask: How did u get this name POUN' ?

DJ Poun' : The name DJ Poun' is actually derived from a slightly longer name DJ Poun' Cake. It's actually a name that my friends gave me in high school. Lunch at the school would cost about $5.00 a day. Me, being the money conscious business man that I am, used to pocket the $5.00 each day and would instead have a pound cake and a milk everyday for lunch that cost about $1.00 for about two years straight!!! With the money that I saved on lunch, I would go to the music store at the end of the week and go record shopping. So by substituting my school lunch for pound cake is actually how I first began to build up my record selection.

URBPRESS : How'd you get your start in djing?

DJ Poun' : I got my start in djing in about 1990, following in the footsteps of my brother, the world renowned super producer Just Blaze. I pretty much learned the art of djing by watching my brother, as well as listening to late night mix shows on New York radio with DJ's such as Chuck Chillout and Red Alert. The first genre of music I learned to mix was actually house music. It's easier to learn how to mix and blend house records because of the constant beat in the music. From house music I eventually turned my attention to mixing hip hop, and that's when I also learned the art of scratching.

URBPRESS : Do you use cds or vinyl? What is the reason behind your choice?

DJ Poun' : I actually use Serato Scratch Live, which is computer based mixing software. Serato allows me to have access to 100% of my music library in seconds! Although the music is digitally stored on the computer hard drive, my mixing is ultimately controlled by two pieces of vinyl on my Technic 1200 turntables. So essentially, the mixing part of what I do is virtually identical to using traditional vinyl. Some DJ's prefer to use CD turntables with Serato, but I prefer the vinyl because it is a more natural feel for me when mixing and scratching.

URBPRESS : How did you hook up with JAY-Z and the 40/40 Club?

DJ Poun' : I hooked up with the 40/40 Club in November 2004. At the time I was working at my brother Just Blaze's management company, NQC Management. The 40/40 Club had just let go of their current house DJ and was looking for a replacement. One of the owners of the club, Desiree, put a phone call in to N.Q.C. Management to see if Just knew of any DJ's that could possibly come in for an audition. My name was brought up and by the end of the week I was at the 40/40 New York City auditioning for the Saturday night gig. The management was impressed with the audition and decided to give me a shot. My Saturday night gig eventually transcended into a Friday / Saturday night job. I also began to do special events at the 40/40 Club New York during the week as well. Things really picked up when they opened up the 40/40 Club in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The management offered my company, Caked Up Entertainment, the opportunity to provide music for both clubs, New York City and Atlantic City. At that time I commissioned two of my DJ's, Tyson and Tre to handle New York on Friday's and Saturdays, while myself, DJ G-Stone, and MC Pretty Ricky took up the helm in Atlantic City. The situation is only destined to get bigger with 40/40 Clubs opening up in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Singapore.

URBPRESS : You have performed at dozens of celebrity events with guests such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Usher, Allen Iverson, Kanye West, John Legend, and Sean P. Diddy Combs .. but is there an event that u like to remember or that you enjoyed the most?

DJ Poun' : The most memorable moments of my career so far took place in 2003 during the Roc The Mic Tour with headliners Jay-Z and 50 Cent. I was co-DJ for Roc-A-Fella along with Just Blaze. It was just a really amazing experience. We traveled the whole country all summer long rocking venue after venue. I'm talking from Atlanta, to Chicago, to Los Angeles, to Houston .. it was insane!!!


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