Realized by Davide Amato

Crooked I

URBPRESS : What have you been doing since you left Death Row?

Crooked I : Build a dynasty and take over the west coast

URBPRESS : How did you hook up with Suge Knight?

Crooked I : Big C-Style, Daz Dillinger, Dogg Pound connected me with Suge

URBPRESS : You have shown versatility to gangsta rap to battle rap, What do you want the sound to be?

Crooked I : I want to be versatile and in top 5 when I retire.

URBPRESS : Where did I get my inspiration from? Which artist are you listen too?

Crooked I : I listen to all genres of music, the streets and politics. Mm.. artists like NWA, (STRICTLY FOR MY NIGGAS), JAY-Z, NAS..

URBPRESS : A free message

Crooked I : UNITY ... east coast support west coast artists


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