Realized by Davide Amato

Chris Styles

URBPRESS : Tell us something about your company called DANGEROUS LLC

Chris Styles : The name speaks for itself "We Dangerous"

URBPRESS : Generally what do you think of the music industry? Is it too dominated by corporations that narrow the variety of artists for music fans or do you see some overriding benefit?

Chris Styles : The "Industry" is saturated with a lot of bullshit. They are taking the fun outta the game, and when you only have 3 major labels, how many artists can you really put out each year? The room for variety is slim! There is no room for difference.

URBPRESS : Do you like recording digital or do you miss working in analog and what's the chief advantage/disadvantage for you with either?

Chris Styles : Digital recording is hotter! It's quicker, less work, and more efficient. Analog sounds really old school. The only disadvantage is that the labels pay less for digital because it is quicker to record.

URBPRESS : How did you hook up with 50 Cent?

Chris Styles : I was being managed by Violator. I use to see Fifty everyday. I gave him lots of my CD's like everyday, and one day he called me and told me he wanted to work with me. The rest is history as they say.

URBPRESS : A free message

Chris Styles : I have a lot going on right now (Lloyd Banks, Olivia, Mase, Deemi..). I have a group from Canada called HB (Heaven Bound); they have a very unique sound. I have a female artist from Bed Sty Brooklyn as well. You will definitely be seeing a lot more of me in the very near future. Its time for a new regime and I want lead it!


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