334 MOBB

Realized by Davide Amato

334 MOBB

URBPRESS : Why this name?

334 MOBB : 334 MOBB: 3+3+4=10 MO.Brothers B.uried we are respresenting for the folks that have no voice that are almost dead to the world. And thats Alabama we our giving our state a voice feel me? and 334 is the area code for Montgomery.

URBPRESS : Let's talk about the beginning of your career. How did u meet?

334 MOBB : We are blood brothers so we met str8 out of our mom, ya feel me? Been doing music for a minute now.

URBPRESS : At the beginning there was the "Gospel" Music and Now .. What's your style?

334 MOBB : Our style is Gutta, rap, sing and produce. Its everything really the main thing folks say when they hear our CD is its a classic and its not one sided. Its variety no one will be able to lock our style in a fuckin box, because we don't just stick to doing gangsta,oe no dance shit, its real life.

URBPRESS : Tell us something about your projects with Bone Crusher and David Banner

334 MOBB : Well, it was a song we did with Bone crusher and Banner. And we take our hats off to both Banner and Crusher they are some hard working dudes, and Banner is almost a legend with just 3 years of really getting his foot in the door. Bone Crusher comes in the studio and lays them hooks down with no problem, he a hard working cat too.

URBPRESS : A free message

334 MOBB : There is something even bigger in the works, for 334 MOBB. Guess you'll have to wait and see......nah mean??? hit us up at 1-800-203-2270 or e-mail whois334mobb@aol.com for further contact info on 334.


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